The Dead Duck Joke


On June 9th, Joyce Graff of the “The Powerful Patient Show” interviewed me about my 33 year relationship with Bill and about the two weeks between his diagnosis and death as described in August Farewell. 

The 50 minute interview can be listened to at: (if it doesn’t begin once you’ve clicked the “Listen” icon, you may need to trigger it by moving the diamond-shaped curser a touch.)

Joyce prompted me to retell the story from August Farewell where Bill held up the X-ray technician’s work in the emergency department on that fateful day of August 7, 2009 by insisting on telling her his newest joke – the one about the woman taking her dead duck to the vet.

It was a quintessential Bill moment – hilarity in the midst of crisis.

You want to hear the joke?

Two options: listen to this interview, or better yet, buy the book where you’ll find not only the joke but a lot more Billisms. 

And much more about our love, life, laughter, and loss.


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