Do I love him enough to say goodbye?

An Excerpt from August Farewell

“David, I don’t want you coming in here all the time and disturbing me. I want to go and I’m ready to go. I can feel that I am fading but every time you wake me you disrupt the process. Sorry if it sounds harsh but you’ve got to leave me alone so that I can slip away.” 

Do I love him enough to give him what he wants? 

“But what if you really need something?” I stutter. “Like water. Speaking of which you are due for another pain killer.” I get a fresh glass of water and give him one of the newly arrived Percocets. I’m stalling for time.

“I can ring the bell if I need you.”

“So, maybe this is it?”

“You know that I love you. We’ve had a wonderful life together. Thank you for everything that you have done to make it so great.”

“I love you too and I want you free of this pain. So I guess this is good bye my darling”

“Good bye my love.”

We hug. We kiss. I leave the room and close the door.

I go into the living room and pour myself a stiff mid-day scotch. 

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