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The following are comments that I received this morning from author Gregory Allen who had just finished reading my memoir “August Farewell” as an e-book. I was so moved by his reflections, I decided to post them as a blog. I encourage you to check out Greg’s website and his writing.

This beautifully written memoir (August Farewell) is careful to show the love of this thirty-three year relationship and not just the angst of watching someone die. Hallman has done a wonderful job of interspersing memories of trips (painted wonderfully with description) so the reader can get to know these two main ‘characters’ even though we are well aware of the outcome from the onset. The testament to the longevity and love of this gay couple goes a long way to show that ‘marriage’ does not know gender. My partner and I (only together 11 years – a third of David & Bill) have traveled extensively as well and I enjoyed the portions as I reminisced about my own life as Hallman displayed their shared moments together before those final days in August. I cannot imagine planning out my spouse’s service as he did while tending to and caring for Bill with an unconditional love that allowed his soul-mate such dignity in death. Sharing these private moments with others may just aid in the relief that someone reading this book could need; displaying once again how giving this author truly is.  

– Gregory G. Allen, NJ by way of NYC & Texas

 Author of Well With My Soul


* * *

August Farewell is available through and other on-line book retailers.

For more information on August Farewell, check out my website at where you’ll find among other material a short YouTube video explaining why I wrote August Farewell


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