My Brother Jim, R.I.P.

A Facebook post from January 23, 2021

Dear friends,

I’m sorry to report that my older brother Jim died today, January 23rd, in Phoenix where he lived with his wife Jaye. January 23rd is also the date on which my younger brother died in 2009.

About ten years ago, Jim was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. But this past fall he started to deteriorate quite rapidly and his doctors came to the conclusion that he was suffering from the rare Multiple System Atrophy (MSA), a disease that mimics Parkinson’s symptoms but is more aggressive and more destructive of bodily organs. His decline since early December has been rapid and inexorable.

Throughout his long illness and the extremely challenging final months, Jaye cared for Jim with incredible perseverance, sensitivity, and compassion. During the last few weeks, she was assisted by in-home palliative care with nurses and personal support workers visiting several days a week.

Because of the pandemic, my two nieces who live in Canada were not able to visit their dying father.

Nor was I.

Jaye made sure that we all had opportunity for video calls with Jim while he was still aware enough to recognize us.

– Jim and his wife Jaye with me here during a visit to Toronto in 2015.
– In the large family portrait (1965?), Jim is in the middle and my younger brother Rick is on the left. Rick died by suicide on January 23, 2009. Mom and Dad died in 2005 and 2007 respectively.
– The photo (1955?) of the three Hallman boys is … precious.


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