Photo Albums & the Eucharist – a common bond of love remembered

Today at our church, we had communion.

I did the children’s story. I had brought a photo album and talked to the children about how photos remind us of people who are no longer with us physically but who loved us dearly and whom we loved dearly.

I mentioned Bill and showed the kids a couple pictures of us together.

Then, I said that communion was like that – a tangible reminder for us about Jesus and how much he loves us. “Eat this bread and drink this wine in remembrance of me.” When we take communion, he wants us to remember him and his love for us.

Photo albums and the eucharist – reminders for us about the love in our life.



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  1. Clinton Siple

    I love this photo ! This is how I remember Bill and David when I knew them in the ’80’s when they lived in "their little house in the Beaches"I left Toronto in 1988 and moved to Waterloo.Much has happened since then, and I’ve had life experiences I never imagined.I’m now an old man living in seclusion in a Townhouse by the Speed River in Guelph, On.Yesterday, 21 June 2011, Bill contacted me from his new world (I did not know he was dead); at 2:30 a.m. this morning, I typed David Hallman into my Facebook account; I consequently learned about Bill’s death and David’s book, (which I will be reading very soon).Thank you Bill, for bringing me up to date!Hugs!

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